Marble Surface

Chi fan le ma?

My name is De'Asia Means. Born and raised on the East Coast.  I'm a Mandarin Chinese language tutor, Instagram Content Creator, Social Media Marketing Strategist, and CEO of Sedarlah. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, I managed to have my first language business at 18 with the help of my awesome family and in my early 20's created a digital store on Instagram and then a personal digital appearance with my lifestyle blog. The goal of creating these businesses was to freely move to another continent (Asia) and continue my volunteer work! Good News! I made my goals but unfortunately because of Covid19 I'm back in the states. Here's the twist, I was able to actually gut out my website and bring you a newer selected collection of a few items I personally designed and the rest being curated inpsired items. Each item you'll see on this website specifically reminds me of a person in my life whether it's family, friends or an inspirational person. Some are named openly others are hidden within different color options of certain items.  


I hope your shopping experience is enjoyable.. Thank you for stopping by.